About your Fields 9/14/18

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Nutrient Removal During Harvest

Yield Variability

Nutrient Loss During Harvest


As crops are being harvested and grain is taken to the storage or elevator, it is time to think about the amount of nutrients that are removed from your field by this grain, particularly the three major macronutrients: nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K). As yields grow higher and higher each year you are taking more nutrients out of the soil. If you don't replace the high yielding corn or soybean crop with the proper nutrients then you are severely limiting your yield potential. This is a chart showing macronutrient and common micronutrient removal.





Using this chart you get the following macronutrient removal calculations:



lbs of Nitrogen

lbs of MAP


lbs of Potash

220 bu/ac Corn




250 bu/ac Corn




1000 bu CN Semi




70 bu/ac SB




85 bu/ac SB




900 bu SB Semi






This being said with new record yields seemingly every year there is now more than ever a need to fertilize. While you’re out combining this fall just remember what you are losing off of the field. I understand with the market where it is currently that farmers need to cut cost anyway that you can, but cutting down on fertilizer is not the answer. You will see a dramatic fall in yield if you cut out fertilizer. Low commodity prices + low yields = no money.


Yield Variability

Something that we have came across with the initial yield maps coming in is that you can really see the difference in yield on soils that held moisture better during dry times this summer up to 150 bushel difference in the same fields. With mapping data we can see these changes and help make solutions to improve your business. If you don’t currently have yield data or would like a more in depth look at your farm as a whole then come talk to us about Climate Fieldview. This program will keep all of your fertilizing, planting, spraying, and harvest data on one platform. Also it gives you the option to create your own prescriptions for your farm to help you utilize your inputs to their maximum potential. These are easy to install onto nearly any piece of machinery with a monitor. Right now Climate is running a program where you get a year of Climate Fieldview Plus for free. Also if you decide to buy from Akron then we will add any past data that you have for free.



Here is the link to the Climate website: