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Grain Marketing Programs for 2019...


Average Selling Price Program (ASP 2019) = This program runs for the months of April through July. Every Wednesday at noon an equal portion of grain is priced. December corn futures are used and November bean futures. This program can be used to establish cash prices or HTA prices. Client chooses delivery period and cash contract type. This is a simple cash selling program to achieve average prices in what is historically the best time to sell grain in an average year.


Average Selling Price OTC Program (ASP-OTC 2019) = This program utilizes Producer Accumulator with Euro Double contracts to create an average sales price. This will be a December corn futures price that is created. April through July is also used and every Wednesday at noon a position is created for the week to establish an equal percentage of sold bushels every week. A complete understanding of the accumulator contracts is required as it is possible to be doubled on bushels or knocked out with few bushels accumulated in extreme market situations. Bushel amounts are undetermined until the end date of the accumulator contracts. Caution is advised with this program.


Cornbelt Pros 2019 = This program will be operated by Cornbelt Marketing personnel and will be a managed marketing program. The consigned bushels will be sold in an allocated time period (February through August) and HTA contracts or cash contracts can be chosen as the end result of the pricing. All marketing will be completed by program end date and contracts available to be used at that point. For corn, a December 2019 and a July 2020 time period/contract can be chosen. For soybeans a January 2020 contract is available. OTC contracts, options, and HTA contracts will all be utilized to accomplish the final results of the price established. This program is an exact bushel specification and those bushels will not change.


Specialty grains continue to be prevalent in this area and we will try to keep everyone updated and informed of all available opportunities that come.  Non-GMO soybean premiums and acreage allotments (in limited quantities) have been released.  Contact us if you have questions on this program.

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