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Glasford, IL (309)389-2611

Glasford Hours: Mon-Fri: 8-5; Sat: 8-noon; Sun: Closed

Call (309) 389-2611 to have feed delivered to Brimfield, Edelstein or Cramer.

Featuring Hubbard, Kent, Vita-Ferm, Sullivan Suppies,
 Applegate, Mirafount, Interstate Batteries, and American Steel Carports

Now Available!  160 bu Creep Feeder for sale or rent.
L-H Versa tote model # 99145
$3300 or $100/month with contracted feed purchase (2 month minimum)

Contact Neal at Glasford for details.

Cleaned Whole Oats - 46# Test Weight

     Grinding—$30 per ton

We have some feeders gates available but can order whatever size you wish.

We are a dealer for Mirafount products.

Beet Pulp Shreds w/Molasses - 40# bag
Molasses - 50# bag
Phosphorus 6 Mineral - 50# bag
Stock Salt - 50# bag
Soybean Meal - 50# bag or bulk

ASI Creep Feed - 6# (Medicated) - Designed to be fed to pre-weaned and just weaned 
Hubbard T-Bone 32% all natural pelletted  beef feed.  Can be top dressed or mixed with corn for a complete feed.   50# bag
Hubbard Show-Rite Feed - texurized cattle feeds use the newest technologies, including organic trace mineral complexes, probiotics, fermentation extracts, and flavoring agents...all combined to help optimize growth and development of the show animal.  Show-Rite Creep Ration, Show-Rite Ration, and Show-Rite Creep Ration w/Barley are available in 50# bags or bulk.

HUBBARD CRYSTALYX Low-Moisture Block (Tub) 

HIGH ENERGY 20% - 20% protein - An ideal protein for moderate quality forages.  Great supplement for year round use.  250# tub
BRIGADE Stress Fighting Formula - 14% protein - Ideal for animals under stress, breeding stock, young calves, and show cattle.  250# tub

ROLYX PRO - Fescue Mag - Supplemental protein, magnesium, and fly protection (face flies, horn flies, barn flies, and house flies) for beef, dairy, and stocker cattle.  250# tub
STABLEYX - 12% protein - Supplemental energy, protein, macro mineral, trace minerals and vitamins for all ages and types of horses.  60# tub
Hubbard Layer - 17% Protein.  A compete feed to be fed to laying chickens. 50# bag
ASI's 17% Custom Layer - 17% protein feed to be fed to laying chickens - 50# bag
ASI's Custom Starter/Grower - Custom made chicken starter/grower - 50# bag

27% Poultry Feed - 50# bag

Hubbard Life Summit - 14% Protein, 6% Fat feed that meets the nutritional needs of foals, yearlings, pregnant/lactating mares, horses in training and breeding stallions. 50# bag
Hubbard Life Cool Command - 13% Protein, 7% Fat feed that is lower in starch designed for a variety of horses, including those with a metabolic disease or hot animals.  50# bag
Hubbard Life Senior - 13.5% Protein, 5% Fat feed that meets the nutritional needs of older horses that typically experience decreased digestive ability. 50# bag
ASI’s 12% Custom Horse - 12% protein feed that has cracked corn, whole oats, a protein pellet, liquid molasses and vitamins.  Homemade—Very Popular!  50# bag

Tuffy's Performance Gold Premium Adult - 26% Protein, 18% Fat, also contains glucosamine and chondroitin. 50# bag

Rancher's Choice - Adult Maintenance Dog Food - 21% Protein, 9% Fat 40# bag
Tuffy's Dinnertime Cat - 31% Protein, 9% Fat, also contains Omega 6 Fatty Acids, and Omega 3 Fatty Acids.  20# bag

ASI DesignRite Mixes - Three weight sizes: 80-120#;  120-180#;  180-220#
Hubbard Hog Farm Mixer - a hog protein to be mixed with corn for a four to one ratio.  50# bag
Show-Rite Pig Feeds - pelleted and incorporate the latest nutritional knowledge with good animal husbandry practices for maximum performance.  Special formulas for each stage of growth.  Available with medication. Availalbe in 50# bags or in bulk.

Hubbard Rabbit Ration - 50# bag
WIld Bird Seed - 50# bag
Sunflower Seeds - 50# bag
Des Moines Pigeon Feed - 50# bag

ASI also carries, Milo, Grass Seed, Pasture Mix, Waterway Mix.

ASI handles gloves, cedar bedding, pine woodchips, dog treats, mouse and rat bait, brooms, scoop shovels, pool supplies.  What we don’t have on hand we can order for almost anything you need.

Bulk Delivery Charge
    $2.50 per loaded mile ($ 25 minimum charge)
Prices are subject to change without notice.